WAVE Industry Solutions

WAVE Industry Solutions


Better Service, From Anywhere

Better service requires better connectedness. WAVE connects your smartphones, computers and radios onto a single platform so you can freely communicate and collaborate on the device that suits you best from virtually any location. From housekeeping to security to administration, your employee base is only a touch away.

Elevate Guest Experiences With Next-Generation Communications

Learn how you can connect staff and improve productivity with Motorola's Hospitality solutions.

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Be Prepared For The Big Event

Improve communication between entertainers, caterers and other outside contractors. WAVE allows you to set up temporary licenses for contractors so they can talk on your communications channels using their current devices. And at the end of the job, those accounts can be quickly deactivated, with no need to organize the return of radios and accessories.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Lower infrastructure costs by leveraging the devices your employees already have in place. Not all employees (or workplaces) need two-way radios. For those that don’t, WAVE can be placed on the same smart device they use for tasks like work order tickets, reducing costs and allowing employees to open and close tickets and work more efficiently.

Learn How Hospitality Customers Are Using WAVE

MGM Resorts Elevates Guest Service With Unified Radio And Broadband Communications

MGM Resorts International® is one of the largest hospitality and entertainment companies in the world. The company’s 15-plus properties are some of the most prestigious luxury brands on the Las Vegas Strip, including MGM Grand, The Mirage, the Monte Carlo, Luxor, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay and Aria.

“With WAVE, we reduce costs by leveraging an infrastructure that we already have in place with smartphones. By putting WAVE on our phones, we’re able to communicate no matter what device we’re using.” Jim Kimball, Executive Director of Enterprise Telecommunications, MGM Resorts

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Public Safety

Simple, Interoperable Communications

WAVE provides a communications architecture that eliminates barriers between different radio and broadband communications networks. Police, fire, EMS, and any other work partners can all communicate over PTT with WAVE, no matter what radio or broadband device they use. Add neighboring communities to your system for interoperable communications across borders, eliminating the need for multiple radios and facilitating better real-time coordination.

Stay Connected In Any Situation

WAVE’s PTT over smartphone or desktop devices keeps you connected across a variety of situations. Command Staff who don’t require a radio can leverage their existing smart devices to communicate over broadband networks. Chiefs and supervisors can listen in from off-site or at home to never miss a moment. Or undercover personnel can use WAVE’s unobtrusive application to communicate discreetly with others. No matter the situation, WAVE provides instant, real-time communications to keep your operations running smoothly for safer, faster incident response.  

5 Trends Transforming Public Safety Communications

Learn how public safety communications are transforming in the 2015 Public Safety Industry Survey.

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Smart Data For Smarter Operations

WAVE’s optional real-time location tracking gives you greater visibility to your entire operation. Supervisors and command staff see an improved real-time view of resources for increased situational awareness and better decisions. Integrated messaging provides a way to minimize radio traffic and provide quick reference information in loud or discrete environments. The result is faster and more coordinated responses, smarter decisions and safer outcomes.

Learn How Public Safety Customers Are Using WAVE

Air Evac Lifeteam Uses Wave To Extend Emergency Communications

Air Evac Lifeteam is the largest independently-owned and member-supported air medical service in the U.S. The physical limitations of their radio network were becoming a liability, with multiple stations, consoles and dispatchers in play, and no inter-service interoperability or system survivability. WAVE helps Air Evac Lifeteam affordably achieve near-unlimited scalability, greater efficiency, extensive communications interoperability and system redundancy.

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Washington State Emergency Management Division Leverages WAVE For Statewide Public Safety Communications Interoperability

With WAVE implemented, emergency management personnel can communicate with other agencies via virtually any device - smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs or LMR handsets among them - without the need to patch in additional users.

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Transportation & Logistics

Stay Connected For Optimized Fleet Management

With increasing demand for faster, more on-time service, WAVE connects your entire workforce to a single communications platform. Notify personnel of last-minute delivery changes or alerts by maintaining radio communications, even outside your radio network. Whether on the road, in the air, or in an office, WAVE provides a unified communication platform between radio and broadband networks to enhance service levels inside and outside of your organization by ensuring that operations are on time and efficient.

Increase Asset Visibility

Use WAVE integrated voice and data for visibility into what your mobile workforce is doing and where they are. Real-time location mapping gives you immediate access to critical data for improved decision making.

Increase Safety, Efficiency And Customer Satisfaction With Integrated Communication Solutions

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More Efficient Operations For A Better Bottom Line

Turn your desktops, laptops and smartphones into push-to-talk devices to increase your communications capabilities while minimizing costs. Many employees who do not carry radios would still gain value from connecting to your radio system. WAVE bridges the gap for these users, connecting the devices they already use to your network to ensure that operations are on time and efficient.

Learn How Transportation & Logistics Customers Are Using WAVE

British Airways Deploys Wave To Extend Ground-To-Air Radio Communications To Desktop PCs

WAVE provides British Airways with a flexible and scalable ground-to-air communications capability that can be extended to any location in the world. WAVE helps optimize aircraft operations and leverage investments in existing assets around the airport.

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Stay Connected For A Safer, More Efficient Workforce

Whether you’re a supervisor on the road or a director at a conference, WAVE’s smartphone app keeps you connected to your workforce. Seamless information flow across grid and plant operations results in faster customer service and safer operations.

Use Your Current Devices For A Better Bottom Line

Turn your desktops, laptops and smartphones into push-to-talk devices to increase your communications abilities without increasing costs.  Remote knowledge workers can use the computers and smart devices already in place to communicate directly with the plant personnel using WAVE . By leveraging the existing device and networks you already have in place, you maximize the value of your investments and improve your bottom line.

Raise Safety And Service While Lowering Costs With Mission Critical Communications Solutions

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The Best System For The Worst Occasions

When all else fails, your communications can’t. WAVE allows you to leverage all of your available networks, whether broadband or radio, increasing redundancy. With WAVE’s interoperable platform you can connect all of your work partners onto a single system to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

Learn How Utilities Customers Are Using WAVE

Connexus Energy elevates safety, productivity and customer service using WAVE broadband push-to-talk to extend its MOTOTRBO network to computers, smartphones and tablets. 

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